Application Process

To gain accreditation to the IFSC, prospective participants should apply to the Botswana IFSC and should provide the following information:
Name of the company: Include the project name or the provisional name if the company has not yet been registered in Botswana.
Principals (sponsors): Background information on the company¹s beneficial owners. Details of the applicant¹s business activities, length of time it has been established, financial standing, performance record, history and ownership should be provided. The most recent audited accounts should be included.
The IFSC Project: State the objectives of the project. Set out the proposed business activities for which the accreditation certificateis sought. Describe the business plan.
Employment: This should provide an employment forecast for the project over the initial three-year period. Include an estimate of the breakdown between citizens and expatriates, together with an indication of the skills range required. It would be helpful if this information could be provided in the form of a table.
Markets: Information on proposed markets of the company should be provided and should include market size and a summary of marketing plans.
Financial Projections: Financial projections should be provided for the initial three years. Projections should include Balance Sheets, Profit and Loss and Cash Flow Statements.
Benefits to Botswana: The proposal should indicate how the project would contribute to the development of the Botswana IFSC, in addition to the employment level in ‘Employment’ above. This should cover areas such as demand for services or other economic benefits associated with the project.