Who We Are

Botswana IFSC is a government agency whose role is to establish and develop Botswana as a world-class hub to facilitate the delivery of a wide range of cross-border financial and ICT enabled services to clients in other countries.
The objective is to fulfill the Government’s mandate to create an active international financial services centre, which will make a significant contribution to achieving economic diversification and increasing the country’s integration into the regional and global economy.
Botswana, the least corrupt country in Africa, is the ideal gateway for cross-border financial and ICT enabled services in Africa and beyond because of its strengths that include:
open market economy;
no foreign exchange controls;
a good telecommunications and transport infrastructure;
well educated and trainable people;
a developed banking and financial services sector;
a first-class regulatory regime; and
a welcoming approach to inward investment.
The benefits, which Botswana seeks from the development of an active International Financial Services Centre, are:
the creation of sustainable employment opportunities for suitably qualified citizens;
the enhancement of the skills base of the Botswana workforce;
the diversification of the revenue base of the country;
the fostering of the introduction and increased use of modern information and communication technology in financial services; and
the enhancement of Botswana’s already excellent reputation in the international financial community.
Botswana IFSC is a transparent, open business location with high standards of regulation and rigorous screening and project approval process.